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    • Half-day or one-day beginner or intermediate courses
    • Available anywhere in the UK and Europe
    • No filmmaking experience needed
    My iPad, iPhone and Android filmmaking training is designed for people with no experience of making videos. It’s carefully structured to introduce the key skills you need to make short factual or training films on your mobile devices. The training is available at your organisation anywhere in the UK and Europe, and I also offer courses for individuals and small groups in Cardiff.
    Mobile filmmaking
    The beginners’ course is based on Apple’s Camera, or your Android camera app.
    If you want to shoot and edit on mobile, we’ll use Apple’s easy iMovie or the Android app PowerDirector.
    If you prefer the power and flexibility of editing on desktop, I can teach you iMovie for desktop, Final Cut Pro X, or Adobe Premiere Pro instead.
    I can also cover more advanced mobile apps such as Filmic Pro and LumaFusion, and accessories such as the DJI Osmo Mobile stabiliser.
    I also offer a basic half-day or twilight course which covers the essentials of shooting and editing on either iPhones/iPads or Android phones.
    Interested in mobile film training? Please email me (address at top of page) or ring me on 029 2009 5900 (UK).
    Course content
    Getting started
    I’ll show you some short films so you can see how they combine pictures, sound and editing to tell their stories. We’ll explore the different shots you can use, and how to combine them so that they make sense together. Then I’ll look at different ways of generating ideas and planning a film.
    The film recipe
    The core of the course is what I call the ‘film recipe’. You’ll start by filming and recording sound, gathering the ingredients that you’ll edit together later. This session will teach you how to:
    • shoot good video and stills with the Camera app
    • film different shots to tell a story
    • film a ‘talking head’ presentation or an interview.
    Putting it together
    Then you’ll start editing. You’ll learn how to
    • put video and stills into the program, trim them and change the order
    • add and adjust audio, including voiceover and music
    • illustrate a presentation or interview with ‘cutaways’
    • use transitions, effects and titles
    • fine-tune your film
    • share your finished movie.
    The course also covers:
    • principles of film planning
    • ways for structuring your story
    • alternative apps and accessories for iPhone filmmaking

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