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Who or what is visiting earth in UFOS?

By: Theresa J Morris

According to historical accounts is where we get most of our understanding of who we are as a species on this planet. Several historians have been sharing that all is not as we have thought or believed in the past. We are now re-writing history.

So, who or what are we and who is visiting earth in these unidentified aerial phenomena we call UFOS?

Did the Knights Templars represent magic and know of other wordly influence? Is the ark of the covenant buried somewhere with an alien device inside? We share various documentaries, we excavate and we record information both audio and video. Gold mining is a part of our ancient history. Tunnels and treasure maps share gold deposits.

There are tales of buried treasures of the Ancient Astronauts some five thousand years ago. Some of the networks of people included in our ancient tales are of various colonies in space. Knights Templars were more than Christian Soldiers who guarded the travelers on the roads to Jerusalem and other places before being allegedly over ruled and outlawed in the ancient of times.  Legends exist of travelers to the Americas in ancient of times.  The Pa Taals and Nagas are mentioned in the Hindu stories.  The Hopi Indians tell of lizard people and of former ancient ones both benevolent and malevolent. There are also tales of many colonies in space and abut the cradle of civilization. Southern Iraq, 1923,  the Ubei Culture back to 5900 B.C. Clay artifacts and clay figurines share facial features of what appears to be reptiles. Were the Sumerians sharing a race of beings in the clay statues? Clay artifact figurines, coffee bean eyes, elongated skulls, look like reptilians not of earth and Gods not of earth. We wonder what is the may species which have visited earth in the past. We find ourselves wondering about our origins. We suspect we are not alone in the universe. Many believe in many ancient colonies in space and coming to earth to mine our gold. The Annunaki species may have been ancient in the past and based over time there have been humanoiod reptilian beings.

Science may now admit that the dinosaurs did have humans walking around the planet together. There would be reason to suspect that we had survivors after the ice age ir presumed extinction over 65 million years ago. What if humanoids were strange in the cosmos and shared cocreating reptilians with other humanoid types such as annunaki and dinosaurs and a mixture on this planet. Not all dinosaurs survived to become birds but maybe other pockets evolved parallel to mankind. There are findings on earth in parts of the world less traveled by humanoids.

Undiscovered treasures we still are seeking. It is possible somewhere that we will discover future resources.

Our ancestors could have colonized here and engineered and manipulated DNA and genese of dinosaurs. What if genetic manipulation of mammals were experimented with on planet earth. Could experiments still exist for alien hybrid species? We may find that many treasures of our ancient ancestors of our various cultures do naturally evolve here on earth and this is a mixing of  genes in our own bodies.

Punjab India 2001 a boy is born ith a 7 inch tail. Believing in ancient supersitions as old legends of beings with tails there are some who believe he is a reincarnated form of one of the Gods. My daughter was born with a tail. We are born as embryos with tails and the tails get absorbed by 9 weeks of pregnancy. Compare a human and a giant anteater. We are looking at the history of humans and reptiles to 300 million years. One went to a split to animals and mammals at about 2 1.2 million years. Some mammals looked like reptiles and the evolution of life may all be related somewhere in the genome and genetic conditions of our past. People who lived before Noah are said to have been born with web fingers. Is there a time in the past when reptillian bloodlines and dragons and Japanese legends. China had ancient gods and emperors connected to dragon gods. A royal bloodline issue and a certain signature in the blood has been linked to reptilian human beings. Some may claim to be  to the rest of humanity and feel they have a right to rule over them as direct descendants. Constant themes unfold all the way through history.  Not all humans will have a connection to the past reptilians but we share a part of our brain as a reptilian brain.

Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan is a book about different time frames of the brain’s history. A paleomammalian complex, neomammalian complex and the reptilian brain. The more primitive reptilian brain or baso ganglia has our more territoriality and many reptilian type of aggression and instinct. If we want food or sec we just take it. No higher thought order would come into consideration. Governments appeal to our fears that are motivating us. Is it possible that the reptilian brain and people born with tails, scaly skin, and fused together fingers are a part of all of us or only some of us who did not come into existence with full Nordic or Tall White characteristics?

Nag Hammadi, Egypt some books were found called the Nag Hammadi Codices in the 1st century A. D. Gospels of Thomas and Phillip, as well as, gospels of mystical practice and biblical type texts. The archons are written about as an interesting description. They could appear to be possibly reptilians. They are very robot and machine like and predictable and we could be looking at some archons being ancient reptilians and some only being aggressive thoughts and ancient engineering. Look around the world and you will find similar stories and similar themes.

There are times when human genetics were manipulated by various species and humans we know today are hybrids. We are an experiment since the time of stories about the Vemanas and space wars and then the Garden of Eden and an experiement of our humanoid species. There were words written such as ‘LET US CREATE THEM IN OUR OWN IMAGE”. Ancient astronaut theorists may search for various genetic modifications throughout time of various humanoid and reptilian species. There is talk of various small beings from another place in space and possibly other dimensions. We are researching individuals who claim to have contact with alien beings. There are those who habev come into contact with grays both small and tall, and reptilian like beings and shadow people. Some people report they are being investigated and some may be being visited because they are a part of certain human hybrid experiements. Some people now believe that we are being infiltrated by the ancient ones who are battling in various universes in space. Some may be from other dimensions in space and are still battling every 26,000 years in our time. Is there an agenda to share all the universes species to learn we can blend our dna and our free will is our own based on our genetic coding. Some of our human beings may find they are reincarnations of many decendants. Does it matter? We can reinvent a new human kind possibly in the future to beat cancer.  There are many types of human treasures. Genetics may be the way of the future so we can migrate to other planets in various forms so we can be of assistance on various types of planets being terra formed. The theme may be repeated over and over again.


Let’s look back at history and looking for ancient treasures. What if one of the old genetic manipulation technologies for combining human genome in various ways is the ultimate prize for understanding souls?

Oak Island is a giant cross made from six huge boulders? There is sword on a stonef. We wonder about the secrecy and Oak Island Nova Scotia Canada, in 1803 have a stake in the Ark in the Covenant and a possible unknown artifact given to earthlings by extraterrestrials? The money pit at 90 feet has recovered a stone with hieroglyphs on it. We wonder if the curse of Oak Island is true about seven people must die before the mystery revels itself to humanity. What if there is truly intelligence in the universe that knows all and sees all? There are plenty of examples o f unexplained mysteries for us now to research. We wonder if there truly is a cursed of Oak Island and if it has to do with the extraterrestrials. What if there is a curse brick of Oak Island and King Tutt’s tomb? The ancient astronaut theory has proposed that there is something not of earth origin inside a secret of the legendary ark of the covenant.

There are unexplained magical secrets left for all of us to discover. Throughout the world there are artifacts that are products of our ancestors some are still only spoken of and not found but we have information we suspect will lead us on a spiritual scientific path to the future finds of mysterious devices

We are wondering over the course of the past century whether we were told the truth about recorded history. We are all about protecting our history and humanity is now obtaining a level of wonderment. We wonder about what we truly know as truth. We wonder about who or what we are as a species we call humanity. We wonder if we are a mirror image of some other extra- terrestrial beings in space. What if it is extra-terrestrials who left us clues and mysteries. UFO Ass to assist us in wanting to know more about our own selves? The UFO Association is now recruiting volunteers as people who want to know more about our UFO History and all of us as humanity.

What we want to do is know of those who want to be noteworthy of knowing there is more than an agrarian culture throughout history. We may need to know more about our pyramids, subterranean chambers and possible water used in the past with hydraulic pulses which bounced off the ceilings of the pyramids. John Cadman’s theory proves true, what would be the theory of the hydraulic pulses and chemicals Hydra tic zinc and hydrochloric zinc could be hydrogen and hydrogen gas traveled from the Queen’s chamber to the King’s chamber. A microwave energy beam could have been accomplished. There is a shaft in the King’s Chamber of 8.4 to 4.8 a wave guide through amplification. What if the Egyptians were trained by beings not of earth such as extraterrestrials. Maybe advanced technology was on the planet in our past on earth? Approximately 17 miles north of Jerusalem there are settlements dated back to 9000 B.C. Jericho was marched around the Walls of Jericho and they blew horns for sixth day. Then Joshua and the Israelites marched around the city and blew the rams horns and the walls of Jericho fell and the city came tumbling down. In the old testament you see in Joshua Six about this battle. To most modern-day scientists may say it was caused by an earthquake. What if they used soundwave technology. The falls of the walls of Jericho is still a true mystery of powerful presence including the arch of the covenant. The arch or phonic weapon was used to destroy huge thick ancient walls. What kind of technology were they using? Advanced alien technology. Moses and the Israelites acquired an energy source contained in the ark of the covenant and could have been used with the sound of the horns making sound waves. Particle beam and death ray technology and thunderbolt technology such as Tesla’s could now be coming forth. Can amplified ram’s horns bring down stone walls? Former astronaut Taylor Wang PhD. looked into resonance of walls and acoustics. What the resonance does is store enormous energy and eventually shatters anything. When you want to know sound, it is a pressure wave. Whether or not the pressure wave will couple or impact what you want to destroy is being studied. Frequency and amplitude is still sound and a pressure wave in the air. Think of it as a particle weapon because you are moving air around. This is an energy beam. The Hebrew Bible may have some history in it we should investigate prior to 2nd century B.C. Is there any evidence that remains to this day? There is an Antikythera device found in the 1900’s found off the island of Antikythera. This is now called a computer. It was a sophisticated machine from ancient of times. It’s an interesting astronomical device to chart your stars and to navigate through the seas. It also showed alignment of planets for astrological signs with complicated gears and swiss workings. It is an anomaly. This is like finding a jet airplane in the tomb of King Tut. Underground light bulbs have been used inside the pyramids or, so it is suspected based on something called the Bagdad battery. So, there are dozens of them found in Iraq. Might this technology have extraterrestrials origins? Let’s keep asking questions. UFO Association and ACO Association are friends of mine and we share social media and our history.

There was a circle we know about among mainstream scholars. Many believe it was a cooling tower used by a local coal mine. There was a valley said with an energy plant. There is also a history of a bell or Die Glock of the Third Reich. Jim Marrs and Dr. Steven Greer have been included in a History Channel documentary with other speakers who presented information about this possible craft as a time machine. Electro magnetics experiments and links between gravity and electromagnetic fields. Take the reason that this was studied and an attempt to develop some type of flying machine with electromagnetic concepts Time travel could be a (Colavito, n.d.) (Colavito, n.d.) study in the past. Albert Einstein thought we could find time slowing down when we went fast. To describe gravity, then space-time, then bending it, and warping it in some way we can go back in time. Much of what we are doing now is sharing our views and opinions about wormholes and stargates.

In 1945 the Hitler search for wonder weapons failed. The Americans developed the atomic bomb. But according to ancient astronaut theorists are researching India and 3ooo years ago. An unmanned aerial vehicle hurled across the sky spitting fire, launching deadly missiles programmed to seek and destroy and it is high tech warfare. This is a description written down in the sacred Hindu text called the Mahabharata. (Rupolo, 2003)


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(Ganguli & Vyasa, 1883–1896)

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